Working photographers and small business owners are in danger of having social media marketing eat up too much of their valuable time. Time that could be better spent getting to know your clients, getting inspired, or just spending it with friends and family. With the demands of being on multiple platforms and posting consistently on all of them, PLUS the distracting nature of the feed (OMG, a quiz to see what kind of animal/car/root vegetable I am!!) it’s all too easy to sacrifice potential billable hours for social media marketing.

But you can take control of your social media marketing and make more efficient use of your time. Here’s how.

Use a social media manager tool.

If you do nothing else, do this. A social media management platform like Pixrit allows you to schedule all your social media content all in one place, at one time, and in advance, saving you oh so much time. Seriously, you can schedule an entire month’s worth of content to share in less than 5 minutes! You gotta get on that.

Keep a content calendar.

One of the hardest things is coming up with what to post. A content calendar helps with this by categorizing content into recurring types. So you know that every week you’ll share a photography tip on #TipTuesday and showcase some of your older shots on #ThrowbackThursday. You know that approximately 20% of the time, you’ll post promotional content. You don’t have to know the exact content you’ll be sharing two months from now, but you have a general idea, and that saves time when it comes to content creation and curation.

Have your go-tos.

Sharing content from other business and people who are targeting the same market as you saves a lot of time, as you don’t have to create brand new content. Make it even more efficient by having a list of your own “go-tos” whose accounts you peruse regularly looking for content to share.


Written By: Erin Danly

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