Keeping social media accounts updated takes time. In fact, it can take a lot of time if you’re not scheduling your content in advance with the help of a social media manager like Pixrit. Figuring out the optimal posting frequency will mean you get enough traction to see results, without wasting your time by over-posting.

To figure out the optimal frequency, you can do two things: follow conventional wisdom, or look at your own data.

Follow conventional wisdom.

Research into posting frequency and success has come up with some rules of thumb, as seen here on Social Media Week, for posting depending on the platform. You can use these general guidelines to create your content calendar.


2 times a day

Likes and comments drop off after the 2nd post. Make each post count!


1-2 times a day at least

Major brands post 1.5 times a day, but more won’t hurt; research has also found that engagement doesn’t decrease with multiple posts, so do more if you want!


3-5 times a day

You can tweet 100 times a day, but you’ll get the most engagement on the first few.


12-15 times a day

Many brands have success with up to 30 pins a day. After 30 there’s no real benefit.


3-10 times per week (according to Constant Contact)

There’s less data for Google+ posting frequency than for other platforms, but it looks like consistency is what matters most.

Follow your own data.

The research referenced above is based on businesses that aren’t you and don’t have your audience. By looking at your own data, you can see when engagement starts to drop off, where your audience is, and when. (You don’t need to be an expert in analytics to get useful information, either, you just need to know the basics.)


Written By: Erin Danly

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