Photographers are uber lucky when it comes to social media. That’s because people love to share photos on social media, and if there’s one thing photographers have, it’s photos. (Right? If not, you’re doing it wrong.) You don’t have to use stock photos, like so many businesses do, to market your business – just by sharing your photos, you’re showcasing your work and marketing yourself in an authentic way.

Here’s how images perform on social media platforms. (Stats from Hubspot.)

Images on Facebook

Facebook posts with an image get almost two-and-a-half times more engagement than those without. That’s more likes, more comments, and more click-throughs.

Images on Twitter

Tweets with images get more clicks, more favorites, and more retweets than those without. 150% more retweets, to be exact.

Images on Instagram

Instagram was launched in October 2010 and has grown exponentially, reaching 700 million active users by April 2017. That’s over twice the number of monthly active users of Twitter, which was launched way back in March 2006. Its massive popularity is certainly due in part because it’s photo-based.

Images on Pinterest

Like Instagram, Pinterest is based around sharing images rather than text. Know how many tweets are retweeted? 1.4%. Know how many pins are re-pinned? Over 80%. Enough said.

You want to be on the platforms where your target market is, whether that’s one platform or five. And you don’t have to spend hours every week managing your accounts – you can schedule all your social media content for the week or the month on Pixrit, the social media manager made for photographers. So you can maintain your presence on social media while spending most of your time building your business.

Take advantage of the valuable opportunity to market your business and increase your reach. If you’re a photographer and you’re not on social media, you’re missing out!


Written By: Erin Danly

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