Social media management tools that allow you to schedule your social media content in advance are a godsend for marketers and small business owners who do their own marketing. Here’s why.



You’ve got to be consistent when it comes to posting to your social media accounts. Posting twenty times on Facebook one week and zero the next is not going to help you build an audience and gain their trust. For that, you need consistency. Scheduling ahead on social media scheduling software lets you do that.



It doesn’t get more convenient than being able to manage multiple social media accounts from a single platform with a single login. Not only do social media scheduling platforms allow you to create and schedule your posts in one place, most also let you monitor multiple accounts and respond to comments, so you can stay engaged with your audience.



An often-overlooked benefit of social media managers is that they keep you focused on the task at hand, which is marketing your business, not scrolling for your feed for mindless entertainment. It’s too easy to fall down the rabbit hole of distraction when popping onto Facebook or Instagram for just a moment. Before you know it, the hour is gone, and you haven’t accomplished anything.



Every hour you spend on marketing, prospecting, and administration is an hour you’re not spending with a client, making money. Social media manager platforms let you schedule all your social media content for a whole day, week, or even month at a time, making you more efficient by batching tasks.

Pixrit, which was developed especially for photographers, can save you even more time compared to similar tools, letting you upload and edit in bulk and even store your images for use again in the future.

If you haven’t jumped in to the world of social media scheduling, now’s the time!


Written By: Erin Danly

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